North South in focus / by Richard Wynn

We're clearly in the middle of the gold rush of video production. Youtube, snapchat, insta stories, TV streaming, narrative and documentary film releases combined with new technologies are filling our lives with content. Overwhelming maybe?


North south WAS a jack of all trades, a music video here, sponsored content there, HR campaigns forthis company, some cinemagraphs for that event, a facebook campaign for a product launch, an event video for a tech firm, a fashion film, a short film, a doco, a projection, drone shots for an architect, 360 content for real estate and so on and so forth. It was all getting a bit much, time to take a breath and refocus.


North South Pictures is at it's happiest when we're creating video content for like minded businesses. Ones that engage with their community, take responsibility for their actions and aren't afraid to push into the unknown.


There is a story behind each and every company, each new product and every employee. We can help you find those and tell the world.


More details on the when, why, what and how are to follow in August of 2017.


Until then,