A Damn Fine Cup Of Caffenol / by Richard Wynn

Developing 35mm black & white negatives in a cocktail of coffee, vitamin C and washing soda, now that's kinda weird. 

A quiet week (work wise at least) brings the opportunity of pursuing some more creative en-devours. Inez (my better half) and I have taken to developing our own 35mm black and white negatives in caffenol and I recommend you try it too.

Here's a link to the Caffenol cookbook - http://www.caffenol-cookbook.com/

Here's what happens when you ignore it...

And here's what happens when you (kinda) follow it...

An upcoming project is in the works using this development technique with a fantastic Melbourne band, followed by an exhibit in January of 2016. That will be 5 years since my last photography exhibit, and that's pretty damn slack.

See some far more accomplished examples of what can be achieved using Caffenol in the flickr group here - https://www.flickr.com/groups/33051635@N00/pool/

Finally a couple more frames from our 1st successful roll of film: (click on the images to enlarge)